Sherbrooke: Spirit of the Radio

Radio Show in Sherbrooke

By Fr. Pierre Célestin, SDB

Last year, to experience the extraordinary missionary month decreed by Pope Francis, I designed Témoins d’ici et d’ailleurs. Translated to “Witnesses from Here and Elsewhere,” it is a radio show which aims to live the mission through the media.

During the five weeks of October 2019, Témoins d’ici et d’ailleurs welcomed one or two guests who shared their testimony of mission on CFLX community radio. The station wanted to extend the experience to make it a full-fledged program, listed as a pole in their program schedule. As a result, it’s been on the airways since September 21.

Every week, Sarah-Anne, a very talented young girl, and I welcome men and women who work daily with those in need during our one-hour show. These people speak with us in the name of their faith; they want to be the salt that gives the flavor, the helping hands that put man back on his feet, the light that illuminates and opens up the hope of a better dawn.

Initially, I thought that inviting them to come and give testimonies of their commitment could also inspire others. What motivated me the most is the knowledge that the media talks more about the church when there is a scandal. However, there is also a lot of good which is done on a daily basis that no one discusses.

Furthermore, I do not see this as an advertisement, but as evangelism by testimonies and examples. At a time when COVID-19 (coronavirus) requires us to rethink our pastoral interventions with creativity, radio is a most welcome outlet.

We’re one world, so let’s keep going!

October 6, 2020 - 10:06am

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