Port Chester: Beginning of This Year’s ECBEP

Port Chester Early Childhood Bilingual Education Program

By Mr. Jerry Rodriguez, Executive Director, Don Bosco Community Center, Port Chester, NY

(Port Chester, NY – July 10) – The summer season has started strong at the Don Bosco Community Center. Its Early Childhood Bilingual Education Program (ECBEP) began in late June. This program focuses on school readiness and emphasizes socio-emotional and cognitive development. These are crucial areas for each child’s growth and future academic performance.

At the ECBEP, we not only accompany and equip children on their journey to reach developmental milestones but also provide parents with the skills and information needed to support their children effectively. This dual approach ensures both children and parents are empowered to foster success.

As Don Bosco himself did, we are on a mission to set up our children for success and a bright future!

July 10, 2024 - 8:34am
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