“A Lot of Great Ties" | Br. Bernie's Devotion to St Joseph

Br. Bernie

By Julia St. Clair

Br. Bernie Dubé, SDB always had a passionate devotion to St. Joseph. “It’s no coincidence—I was born on the Feast of St. Joseph,” he began. “We have lots of providential coincidences in my family. My brother was born on January 31 (Feast of Don Bosco), and my parents got married on August 16 (Don Bosco’s Birthday).”

Indeed, Br. Bernie first developed his devotion to St. Joseph from his family. “My grandparents were from Quebec, Canada, and my first language was French,” he explained. “The French Canadians have a huge devotion to St. Joseph.” He also recognized St. Joseph when he would visit Montréal, QC and go to St. Joseph’s Oratory. “It’s one of the biggest shrines to St. Joseph in the world,” he beamed. “It was founded by  St. Brother André Bessette, and the former province of Canada was named St. Joseph. I have a lot of great ties here.”

And Br. Bernie’s ties to St. Joseph have only increased. Nearly two years ago, alongside a young alumnus from Salesian High School, he worked on a book to St. Joseph. “I had the privilege of working on Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father, written by Fr. Donald Calloway,” he exclaimed. “A young alumnus of Salesian High School and I worked on the book every week for 32 days. It’s a powerful tool. Each day of reflection has something on St. Joseph and ends with the Litany of St. Joseph.”

St. Joseph has always been there for Br. Bernie, especially in recent months. “When I had COVID-19 and a pneumonia, I had a bottle of blessed oil from St. Joseph’s Oratory, I would rub some holy oil on my chest, along with holy water from Our Lady,” he highlighted, along with the importance of St. Joseph. “God chose St. Joseph for a reason. He’s a man known for his chastity and obedience. He also helps to sell houses, get jobs, and is the patron of many houses. And May 1, Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, is also National Brothers Day, and he’s the patron saint of brothers.”

Br. Bernie also encourages further promotion of St. Joseph to increase awareness. “We need to promote St. Joseph more and recommend YouTube videos on his life,” he detailed. Last, Br. Bernie would like everyone, especially young men, to learn from St. Joseph’s example. “St. Joseph is a good example of faith and fatherhood. I’d encourage any young man to read his life,” he advised. “Next to Mary, he’s the most important person in the Holy Family.”

March 16, 2021 - 12:06pm

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