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Don Bosco Green Alliance Action Steps
Don Bosco Green Alliance
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Saving Energy

  • Conduct an energy audit.
  • Replace standard light bulbs with LEDs or CFLs.
  • Turn off lights when not in use.
  • Power down all machines at the end of the day.
  • Turn off air conditioners when not in use.
  • Install smart devices to turn off lights.
  • Wash clothes in a cold cycle; use a clothesline whenever possible.
  • Reduce travel by opting for teleconferencing or online meetings.
  • Keep vehicles well serviced to maximize fuel efficiency.
  • Purchase vehicles with high fuel mileage.
  • Encourage confreres and colleagues to walk or bike instead of drive.
  • Invest in a solar water heater.
  • Plan shopping trips and other transportation activities carefully to reduce the need to drive.
  • Use solar-powered lighting.
  • Investigate options for renewable sources of energy.

Saving Water

  • Use water wisely while washing your hands.
  • Fix any leaky faucets, shower heads, or toilets immediately.
  • Replace full-flush toilets with low-flush toilets.
  • Replace standard faucets and shower heads with aerated faucets.
  • Replace regular washing machines with water-efficient models.
  • Use water-saving practices and systems in your landscaping.
  • Use your automatic washing machine for full loads only.
  • Calculate your water footprint.

Waste Management

  • Plan operations to use the minimum materials.
  • Have clearly defined operational procedures and standards.
  • Avoid unnecessary purchases for work or home.
  • Find ways to reuse or refurbish old materials.
  • Build partnerships with other departments or ministries to share materials and supplies.
  • Purchase products packaged in minimal or biodegradable packaging.
  • Buy materials in concentrate or in bulk when possible.
  • Buy products that are reusable, returnable, or refillable.
  • Buy recycled office products; reuse and refill toner cartridges and ribbons.
  • Use flexible interior features to reduce renovation waste.
  • Choose durable materials/furnishing.
  • Reduce the use of plastic cups by switching to reusable cups.
  • Use a water cooler or water filter instead of individual disposable water bottles.
  • When purchasing promotional material to give away, choose green products.
  • Purchase reusable containers, rather than single-use disposable containers.
  • Return e-waste to the vendor/manufacturer for safe disposal/recycling.
  • Support secondhand stores.
  • Donate used equipment and supplies.
  • Separate your waste.
  • Encourage composting of organic waste.

Reducing Paper

  • Share information through emails and phone calls.
  • Create an office bulletin board where important staff notices can be shared.
  • Train your staff members in using computer tools for highlighting, editing, and commenting on documents.
  • Encourage double-sided printing and photocopying.
  • Reduce printed mailings.
  • Switch to electronic newsletters, customer notices, and billing systems.
  • Keep a stack of used paper next to the printer for use in printing drafts/ in-house documents.
  • Revise protocols for keeping records to minimize the use of paper.
  • Encourage staff members to only print documents when absolutely necessary.
  • Encourage paperless meetings and office events.
  • Instead of printing web pages, bookmark or save the pages.
  • Use electronic media that reduce paper waste.

Eliminating Plastic

  • Educate staff and customers about the dangers to the environment of plastic bags.
  • Reuse garbage bags in the offices or classrooms by emptying all garbage into larger trash containers.
  • Purchase biodegradable plastic bags instead of regular plastic bags.
  • Use reusable, durable containers or bags for storage instead of plastic bags.
  • Encourage the use of reusable/washable dishware and cutlery at events and programs.
  • Encourage the use of compostable/biodegradable food containers instead of Styrofoam or plastic.
  • Provide staff with their own mugs for coffee or tea.

Education and Awareness

  • Sponsor programs that educate children and their families about the environment.
  • Post environment messages at the organization.
  • Organize presentations to staff about eco-practices, environmental issues, or ecology spirituality.
  • Encourage the use of environmentally friendly products.
  • Encourage and promote local produce and sustainably caught fish.
  • Educate ourselves about products with environmental dangers and look for options for mitigation.
  • Plan a field day for staff to get out, explore, and appreciate their local environment.

Environmental Action

  • Organize a coastal cleanup on International Coastal Cleanup Day (Saturday, September 18) or another day.
  • Organize/sponsor/participate in tree plantings in the neighborhood.
  • Sponsor an environmental challenge/competition for a community, for example, a best yard contest, a best environmental initiative at school.
  • Clean your local water bodies (lakes, rivers, etc.).
  • Volunteer with the local forest department staff in your region to participate and organize programs that protect endangered species of flora and fauna.
  • Create green committees to encourage environmental actions throughout the year.
  • Plan environmental pledge drives and volunteer programs to sensitize people regarding environmental value and the importance of environmental action.
  • Register your Salesian work with the Don Bosco Green Alliance.
August 20, 2021 - 10:00am

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