Interview with Br. Joshua Sciullo, SDB

Interivew With Br. Joshua
Br. Joshua Sciullo
Br. Joshua Sciullo, SDB
Photo by Fr. Ky Nguyen, SDB

By Fr. Mike Mendl, SDB

On Sunday, June 12, Br. Joshua Sciullo, SDB, will be ordained to the diaconate in Jerusalem. After his ordination, Br. Joshua will serve in the Etobicoke community during the summer.

1.  Are you excited about going to Canada for summer apostolate this year? How did this particular assignment come to you?

I am excited to go to Toronto, Canada, this summer. I had only visited during my prenovitiate in 2014, which was a brief visit, but it was a good environment. It will also be nice to be present there as my first experience of ordained ministry.   

2.  Has Fr. Jim Berning given you indications about your diaconal duties this summer? When will you “report” to Etobicoke, and when will you be done there (and heading to vacation or back to Jerusalem)?

I will be assisting at the parish, whether preaching, visiting the sick, or being present. I will be there by June 18 and will remain there until August 14. 

3.  How did your program at the Ratisbonne and your formation in the SDB community help you prepare for diaconate?

During my time in Jerusalem, I had my apostolate in a parish setting. I exercised the ministry of an acolyte and helped lead a few events. 

4.  What part of diaconal service do you look forward to the most?

I look forward to the opportunity to preach and to assist at the service of the altar.  

5.  You’ve been in formation toward the priesthood for about a decade. What are your thoughts on the eve of your diaconal ordination?

I can say that these 11 years have been a great journey. In hindsight, it has been very fast, and while there have been both positive and challenging experiences, I thank God for bringing me thus far. I pray that I can grow in love and trust in Jesus, so that I may become a witness of God’s love.

June 8, 2022 - 12:00pm

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