Sherbrooke: Le Salésien Students Start Missionary Trips

Le Salésien Mission Trips
Le Salésien Students
Students who went to Mexico City
with Fr. Alain Léonard
Photo courtesy of Le Salésien's Facebook

(Sherbrooke, QC – February 28) – Last week, two groups of Le Salésien students embarked on missionary trips. One group, led by Director and CYM Fr. Alain Léonard and including 24 young people, went to a Salesian school in Santa Catarina, Mexico City, Mexico. The second group, led by Vice Director and Treasurer Fr. Pierre Célestin Ona Zue and including 20 students, traveled to Cameroon.

Please pray for all young people, leaders, and chaperones on these mission trips!

February 28, 2023 - 3:00pm
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