Montréal: Salesian Old Boys Give Back to Don Bosco YLC

Montreal Salesian Old Boys Gift To Don Bosco YLC

(Montréal, QC – February 3) – Late last month, the Salesian Old Boys gave a $9,000 gift to the Don Bosco Youth Leadership Centre (Don Bosco YLC). Throughout the past two years, those at Don Bosco YLC have noticed a lot of youth and young adult leaders going through difficult times of anxiety, fear, discouragement, and distress in their personal lives due to the Covid-19 and other issues. The center has strived to digitally connect with them to the best of its abilities. Don Bosco YLC will continue to care for its leaders now that hopefully many of them can begin to resume in-house activities.

Don Bosco used to say that "we should give the most to those who have the least." This is what the center will continue to do thanks to this generous gift. Don Bosco YLC remains truly grateful to the Salesian Old Boys for giving back to the Montréal Community. This contribution will permit the center to find the right people for the needs of today's youth. Many thanks again to the Salesian Old Boys, who never lost what the Lord, Mary, and Don Bosco sewed in their hearts when they were younger—a love for needy youth.

February 7, 2022 - 3:00pm
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