The Call to Be a Salesian

Do you feel God may be calling you to religious life?

Do you desire to journey with young people toward Christ?
Consider God might call you to be a Salesian of Don Bosco!

Do some of our key traits as Salesians sound like you?

  • A special concern for the welfare of young people wherever we are.
  • Loving kindness and a welcoming attitude—lived out in openness, cordiality, readiness to make the first approach and to put others at ease with our friendship, respect and patience.
  • Optimism and Joy. There is no place for discouragement in the face of difficulties, but a calm and serene acceptance of whatever is good.
  • Work and temperance or learning how to balance tireless energy and hard work with simplicity and moderation. It also means knowing how to control the promptings of the heart in order to remain even-tempered and serene.
  • Acceptance of daily routine with cheerfulness. “Here we make sanctity consist in doing our duty cheerfully.”
  • Creativity and flexibility—hallmarks of Salesian presence in our works among the young.
  • A realistic perspective on life coupled with our attentiveness to the promptings of the Spirit manifested through the signs of the times.
  • Our educative method—the Salesian Preventive System—is a system based entirely on reason, religion and loving kindness, a unique spiritual and educational experience of working with and through the young for their and our salvation.
  • Deep trust in God and a constant listening to His will are the spiritual foundations of our work. In this way we strive to keep alive our collaboration in God’s creative and loving action in history.

(Source: Const. Arts:10-20)

As a worldwide organization founded by St. John Bosco, the Salesians are the second largest Catholic religious order in the world.


A Salesian priest is called to be a sign of Christ the Good Shepherd. A large number of Salesians have felt the call to priesthood. Working together with the Salesian Brother, the Salesian Priest is ordained to serve the needs of the young to whom he is sent. His greatest gift is to bring them the sacraments, especially Reconciliation and the Eucharist.


The Salesian Brothers commit themselves to follow the call of Christ who welcomes the young and the poor in their midst. As a vowed member of the Salesian community, each Brother brings his own talents, gifts and personality to the service of the Church.
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